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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Time at Home

We often dream of a long weekend or a day off work… however, when we are told you MUST stay home it seems to have a worrying and less enjoyable feel.

Here are some ideas to make the most of being at home, use this time to get things done, to have some self-care and to learn how to enjoy your own company.






We all have a pile of books at home that we haven’t yet attempted to read, now is your time to get through as many books as you can. If you prefer to read things on your Kindle/ tablets this can be equally as valuable! When you read it creates cognitive mental stimulation and it also exercises your brain! Reading has also been described as a great way to help with depression, stress and tension relief as it allows you to escape from your stresses of real-life and delve deep into the world of the book you are reading!



Get Organised  



Make a list of jobs that you have been meaning to do for a while, for example, sort out the garage or clean the cupboards out. Use this time to do jobs that you don’t normally when you do the daily/ weekly cleans of your home. There are a lot of benefits to organising your home, it can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed and also create an energy of calm for your living environment.


Movie Night


Do you have a pack of fairy lights or even Christmas lights at home? Get them out of storage and put them up around your living room! Dim the lights, get some snacks and begin your movie marathon. Similar to reading, watching a film can help you escape reality. Films also can move, inspire and amaze you! If you struggle to agree on films as a couple or within a family,  a fun game to play is putting films you’d each like to watch in a hat and then picking one out at a time… ( it may save a lot of arguments).


Gardening/ Getting Outside 



We are aware that not everyone has a garden but it is important you all get some fresh air. If you do have a garden this could be a great time to give it some TLC. Dig up the weeds, cut the grass and water the plants! You can also read outside, or even work outside if your WIFI reaches! Being outside boosts your energy levels and helps your immune system.


Game Night


Get the board games out! Now is your time to play Monopoly, Scrabble and Jenga! Board games are a great way to keep the whole family entertained and to fill a couple of hours with fun! If you are bored of the board games… why not download HouseParty. It is an app that lets you video chat with numerous friends at once and has game features attached to it so you can play live with your friends! Friday night get some drinks flowing, get dressed up and sit in your living room and chat to all your friends, they do say staying in is the new going out!



We hope these tips have been helpful… but most importantly stay home and stay safe.