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Things that can give you some much-needed stress relief:

At The Harpur Centre, we care about the entire community of Bedford and want to look after you, our visitors. That’s why we have put together a list of things that we think can help relieve stress during this difficult time.


  1. Face masks- Putting on a face mask allows you to take 20 minutes to sit back, relax and let it go to work on maintaining your healthy glow!At The Harpur Centre, there’s something for all skin types including purifying mud face masks and hydrating sheet masks from fabulous brands like Garnier and No7. simply pop into retailers such as Primark, Boots and Superdrug.

    1. Candles – After your house is tidy and clean it’s always nice to light a candle, it can infuse your home with calming smells and make a room feel more homely.

    Shop a huge range of Candles and Holders, from wax melts to gift sets come along to the Harpur Centre to pick up your favourite scents from Primark, Boots and Argos.

    3. Colouring Books – You’re never too old to colour in! Colouring books can be a good distraction and they can keep you occupied for hours.

    With a range of cheap Adult Colouring Books to choose from, visit WHSmith, Argos and Smiggle.

    4. Bath Bombs – Run a nice hot bath and add in a bath bomb. It will look amazing and many of them do great things for your skin!

    For an incredible range of bath bombs simply pop in to Superdrug, Boots, Argos and Primark and drop one of these bath bombs into a hot bath for an explosion of colour and essential oils. It’s time to get fizzical!

    5. Notebooks – Whether you’re the next Shakespeare or you just want to doodle, notebooks can allow you to get rid of stress through being creative.

    The Harpur Centre offers a wide range of notebooks and journals that are perfect for everything from notetaking to life admin and general scrawling. Just take a look in WHSmith, Primark, Argos and Claire’s Accessories.

    6. Pillow Spray – Struggling to get some zzz’s? Nip into Boots and spray some of this on your pillow and it may just help you zone out.

    7. Calm App- there are some great apps out there that help you reflect and evaluate what is causing your stress. Download one today it could be a great help!

    We hope some of these things may help you in this stressful time.